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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


Platinum Equity Principal Renee Koontz

Renee Koontz


Renee Koontz is responsible for managing the transition of newly acquired companies into Platinum Equity’s portfolio.

Ms. Koontz’s duties include formulating business plans for functional departments such as finance, sales, marketing, customer service, and human resources, and driving restructuring business processes as necessary. As a member of the operating council for certain portfolio companies, she also has responsibilities related to post-transition monitoring and oversight of operational performance.

Ms. Koontz came to work as the Director of Operations for Milgo Solutions, a Platinum Equity portfolio company, in 1999, and subsequently joined Platinum Equity’s in-house operations team in 2001. Prior to joining Platinum Equity, Ms. Koontz spent 19 years with a privately owned manufacturer of medical equipment where she had responsibility for operations, finance, sales, and marketing. Ms. Koontz holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business from Eastern Illinois University and a Master’s degree in Banking from Nova University.