Platinum Equity
Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


Our Guiding Principles

Tom Gores founded Platinum Equity based on a concise set of guiding principles, designed to convey his broader vision for what Platinum would become. To this day, these 16 principles are the fundamental guideposts of the company's decision making process and actions.

Act With Resolve
While tough decisions can be hard to deliver, the welfare of the group requires them.

Open Lines of Communication
To succeed, a leader must be accessible to open, consultative lines of communication with his team.
The day the team stops coming forward with issues is the day you stop being a leader.

Judgment Over Data
Consider the facts but let sound judgment prevail. It is always good to question the data and challenge the experts.

People Not Plans
The best plan is worthless without a strong team to execute it.
With a team comprised of outstanding people, you can meet almost any challenge.

Every Situation is New
Make no assumptions. Every deal is unique. Treat it that way.

Never be Limited by Perceptions
There are no limits to success as long as you do not set boundaries for yourself, or let others set them for you.

Take Risks
To grow, you must extend your abilities. If you make a mistake, be engaged enough to correct it but don’t be arrogant—
adjust your course and move forward.

In or Out
Analyze the situation, make your decision, and don’t hedge against failure—be committed for success.

What seems impossible can be achieved when you have passion for your work.

Think Different
Look for the unexpected solutions; think outside of the normal systems and you will set your path outside of the expected.

Empowerment and Accountability
The two endowments can not stand separate—they only work hand-in-hand.

Be Flexible
Be open to almost all situations, but be stubborn on your values and principles.

Have Good People
Instill faith in your team, and their faith in you will bring reward for all.

Growth Determines Structure
Don’t allow organizational structure to determine your growth. Rather, let growth define your structure.

Let Strategies Evolve
The best strategies are those that evolve from good and thorough execution—along the way let the process of learning and development shape the implementation.

Be Committed to Succeed
Commitment, risk, success, and failure are intertwined—lack of commitment only increases your risk for failure, and equally the ability to commit wholeheartedly has much to do with the ability to succeed.