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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Active Aero Group

Transportation & Logistics • Private Transaction • Acquired in May 2011

Provides expedited cargo transportation and logistics management solutions throughout North America and the Caribbean.

In addition to ground services, Active Aero Group operates a fleet of DC-9 cargo and passenger airplanes throughout North America.


  • Owns and manages two primary business units: Active On-Demand and USA Jet Airlines
  • Provides many of the world’s largest shippers and manufacturers with expedited ground, air, and emergency air charter services
  • Manages high-priority freight transportation for Fortune 500 companies
  • Provides private jet charter services to and from more than 5,000 airports throughout North America and the Caribbean


updated 05/13
"With the operations expertise and M&A resources of Platinum Equity, we are poised for an exciting period of growth and new possibilities." Chris Healy, CEO, Active Aero Group



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