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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Ball Metalpack

Industrials • Corporate Divestiture • Acquired in July 2018

Leading manufacturer of tinplate metal food and aerosol containers for food, household consumables, nutritional and other products

Platinum Equity's portfolio at work includes companies and products such as Blue Steel Aerosol with Litho Dome.


  • Majority interest acquired in July 2018 from Ball Corporation.
  • Ball Metalpack manufactures metal food and aerosol containers used for household consumables, nutritional and other products.
  • Produces food cans (2 and 3-piece), ends and aerosol cans (2 and 3 piece) including the recently launched innovative two-piece aerosol can technology – G3-HD.
  • US focused business with 9 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States.
  • Enjoys deep, multi-decade relationships with many of its customers.


  • Executed transition to standalone business following acquisition of majority interest from Ball Corporation, which retains a minority stake in the joint venture.
  • Rebranded as Ball Metalpack.
  • Help drive, support and amplify management identified operational improvements.
  • Implement operational initiatives including improving distribution and logistics via freight and warehouse optimization, sourcing and overall plant floor operations.
  • Grow via organic opportunities and identified revenue focused initiatives.



Platinum Equity and Ball Corporation to Sell Ball Metalpack to Sonoco for $1.35 Billion »

Ball Corporation Agrees to Sell U.S. Steel Food and Steel Aerosol Assets, Form Joint Venture with Platinum Equity​  »



updated 1/22




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