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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


Entertainment • Corporate Divestiture • Acquired in June 2020

A leading provider of end-to-end post production services for the world’s leading content production studios.

Deluxe, a Platinum Equity Portfolio Company, offers creative services to clients.



  • Acquired Deluxe Entertainment's distrbution business in June 2020.  
  • Deluxe provides Localization, Mastering, Distribution, Platform and Fulfillment services to the world’s leading content production studios.


  • Recruited former Deluxe CEO and key members of previous leadership team to return and lead the business during pivotal time for entertainment industry
  • Pursue strategic add-on opportunities
  • Continue to identify opportunities for technical innovation




Platinum Equity Expands Entertainment Portfolio with Acquisition of Deluxe Entertainments Distribution Business »

updated 7/20




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