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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

International Offshore Services

Transportation & Logistics • Private Transaction • Acquired in January 2009

Transports supplies, materials, and personnel for offshore marine oil and gas platform construction and repairs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Platinum Equity Portfolio Company International Offshore Services provides offshore marine transportation and construction capabilities to the oil and gas industry in the Gulf of Mexico.


  • Vessel fleet transports supplies and personnel to and from offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Diversified marine services, from platform installation to salvage
  • Maintains three specialized barges used for decommissioning oil and gas platforms, salvage repairs, well intervention, installations, and pipe-laying
  • Manages a marine brokerage business that deploys 20 vessels for smaller operators
  • Provides construction barges and equipment used to build, repair, and rehabilitate offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Rigorous vessel maintenance and rebuilding programs provide a competitive advantage


  • In 2010, completed two asset acquisitions that included 13 vessels from Graham Gulf


updated 02/12



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