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Stephanie Barter


Stephanie Barter oversees Platinum Equity’s in-house M&A Operations group, a team comprising functional experts across a wide range of operational disciplines that conducts due diligence on prospective acquisitions.  She works closely with Platinum Equity’s M&A teams to deploy diligence resources and ensure that a comprehensive analysis of each prospective investment is completed.  Based on the knowledge acquired during diligence, the M&A Operations team also works hand-in-hand with Platinum Equity’s Portfolio Operations group to develop detailed post-acquisition transition, integration and long-term business plans tailored to the needs of the acquired business.

Ms. Barter joined Platinum Equity in 1998 and has served in a variety of operations capacities, including portfolio company assignments as Chief Operating Officer at Peak Technologies and Chief Information Officer at NextiraOne. Ms. Barter was previously Vice President of Customer Service at Foresight, a company acquired by Platinum Equity in 1996.

Ms. Barter holds a Bachelor's degree in English from the University of Rhode Island.




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