Aventiv Technologies CEO Dave Abel and advisory board chairwoman Teresa Hodge told Axios that access to technology can help reduce recidivism and improve outcomes for the incarcerated community.

The two Aventiv representatives took part in an Axios-sponsored panel discussion for an online audience of policy makers.

Abel, who was appointed CEO in 2020, said: “Aventiv is entirely focused on using technology to break this (recidivism) cycle. …. Many studies show that individuals inside facilities that connect with their outside support networks have better results. Technology can help create greater connectivity and communication, particularly when friends and family live hundreds of miles away. 

“It’s important for us to create access for everyone regardless of their ability to pay.”

Hodge, who is president and CEO of prison advocacy nonprofit Mission: Launch, added: “I believe the more we use technology and the more we allow technology to be used for individuals who are coming home, we’re going to see those recidivism rates lower and we’re going to have better outcomes for individuals in society at large.”

Platinum Equity acquired Aventiv, a communications services provider to the incarcerated community, in 2017. Platinum Equity has sponsored a comprehensive transformation at Aventiv to make its services more accessible, affordable and accountable.


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