LIVONIA, Mich. – With various local and state officials on hand, Cabinetworks Group officially opened its new $8 million corporate headquarters in December. 

CEO John Barkhouse and Chief Human Resource Officer Jo Ann Morelli did the honors, cutting the red ribbon in front of employees assembled over two floors on the site that was once a call center for a local healthcare company.  

Cabinetworks Group previously resided in an oversized and aging office space in nearby Ann Arbor. 

“The buzz around this building in the last two months is just night and day difference from how it was in in our old location,” Barkhouse said in his office after the ribbon-cutting ceremony. “The building we were previously in was large, old and not very conducive to collaborating. 

“We designed this space with the idea that we wanted people to work together, we wanted them to work in new, collaborative ways to really capitalize on the benefits of the building.” 

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Cabinetworks is driving $14.2 million of investment and creating 110 good jobs in southeast Michigan, underscoring the strength of our talented workforce and building on our economic momentum.
Gretchen Whitmer, Governor, Michigan
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The ribbon-cutting was mostly ceremonial since employees have been working at the site for two months, but with more than 90,000 square feet of office space featuring the latest technology, the building serves as a central hub for the cabinetry manufacturer and contributes to infrastructure growth for the Detroit suburb. The building currently houses 240 employees, ranging from customer care support to business operations jobs. Morelli said the building can house up to 280 employees. 

Because of the addition of new employees and job training programs, the move qualified for state assistance. In August, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan officials announced that the move adds 110 corporate and professional service jobs to Livonia. The state awarded the company a $600,000 grant as part of the expansion.   

“Cabinetworks is driving $14.2 million of investment and creating 110 good jobs in southeast Michigan, underscoring the strength of our talented workforce and building on our economic momentum,” Whitmer said in the release announcing the move. “We’re pleased to support Cabinetworks’ expansion in Livonia and look forward to working with the company as it continues to grow here and add jobs for Michiganders. Together, we can continue to send a clear message that everyone is welcome to make it in Michigan.” 

Although other cities around the state were considered for relocation, Cabinetworks Group never considered leaving Michigan.  

“Our history is here, Michigan has always been our home,” Barkhouse said. “We felt by moving to this area, it could improve our ability to attract local talent.”

Members of the Platinum Equity operations team toured the facility shortly before the ribbon cutting. The team observed a modern facility equipped with state-of-the-art technological communal rooms and cordless desks. It’s a progressive space with working moms having access to lactation rooms on every floor. There is a fully equipped gym with full-sized locker rooms. There are multiple fully functionable concept kitchens to bring the headquarters into the 21st century. 

Livonia, the eighth largest city in Michigan, is located roughly 20 miles northwest of downtown Detroit. 

“This community is well-built, and it really has everything for everyone,” Morelli said. “I’m a Michigander and I love that Livonia is as strong on the map as it is, and it is so welcoming to companies like Cabinetworks to grow and thrive here.”  

Cabinetworks is the largest independently owned manufacturer and distributor of kitchen and bath cabinets in the U.S. The company currently has more than 8,000 employees nationwide.  

Platinum Equity acquired Cabinetworks in 2021. 


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