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Acument Global Technologies Hiring In Fenton, MI

Article · July 15, 2011


Acument Global Technologies, a Platinum Equity portfolio company, has completed its plans to invest $5.1 million to expand its facilities in Fenton, Grand Blanc Township, and Sterling Heights, Michigan. The effort will generate about 150 jobs and establishes Acument's commitment to Michigan workers.

Articles on, Flint on Full, and Tri-County Times (subscription) cover the reopening of Acument's Fenton facility, which was a manufacturing center, was shuttered in 2009 at the height of the recession. The reopened plant will function as Acument's North American Processing and Technical Center. The Center includes a full laboratory and equipment. A previously outsourced zinc electroplating line is scheduled to start up at the Fenton facility along with a wastewater treatment plant required for the process.

Acument has created 88 new jobs in the state of Michigan, including 70 at the Fenton facility. Over a three-year period Acument expects to create 150 jobs at the Fenton facility. Globally, Acument employs about 2,300 workers throughout North and South America.

"We're very fortunate that they chose Michigan and they chose Fenton, Michigan. It's just another positive step in Acument's plans" Tim Herman, Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce CEO, told

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