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Exterion Media selected for TfL's Rail Advertising contract

Press Release · March 17, 2016

Media & Communications

The largest Out-of-Home contract in the world sets the foundation for a ground-breaking, data-driven partnership spanning 8.5 years

Transport for London (TfL) announced today that it has selected Exterion Media as its new commercial Partner for its Rail Advertising contract, offering innovative solutions to advertisers, maximising revenues and enhancing the customer experience. 

“We are hugely excited to be working in partnership with TfL to create more dynamic opportunities to connect with the London Audience over the next decade,” explains Shaun Gregory, CEO, Exterion Media. “Together, we have an extraordinary vision for the London Rail and Underground estate that will fundamentally change the look and feel of advertising in the Capital and the way that brands engage with consumers.”

The Partnership will launch on 1st October 2016 and benefits from significant investment that will fund the creation of a world-class digital estate, the introduction of new formats, a suite of premium displays in key stations, and ambiance enhancements to classic sites. 

The contract award is part of TfL’s commercial development plans to maximise the revenue it generates from its assets to reinvest in the transport network for the benefit of Londoners. 


The relationship calls for fundamentally closer ways of working together and changing the way Out-of-Home is bought and sold – from enhanced data and insights collaboration to joint selling that will create opportunities to reach London Rail and Underground passengers above and beyond paid for advertising.  


Data and insight is integral to the strategy. This will enable the shift to an audience-led sell, and drive better efficiencies and effectiveness for brands. 

Consumers will benefit through more relevant and engaging messages linked to improved targeting based on data and insight. These ensure the right message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. Customers will also enjoy an enhanced ambiance with attractive displays and improved placement, sympathetic to station environments. 


Graeme Craig, ‎Director of Commercial Development at TfL:

• “We had highly competitive bids from the leading outdoor advertising companies in the world, reflecting the quality and value of our estate. We are delighted to be able to confirm that Exterion Media is our new media partner.

• “We believe this partnership can be a catalyst for transforming our stations and the wider industry. The new contract will move away from the traditional concessionary approach to working together to deliver innovation and value on the best station network in the greatest city in the world.”

Shaun Gregory, CEO, Exterion Media:

• “Together, Exterion Media and Transport for London (TfL) have a bold vision for the London Rail and Underground estate that will transform the look and feel of advertising in the Capital, and the way that brands engage with consumers. We look forward to making this vision a reality using our expansive industry expertise, advanced data and insights, and our innovative network of partners, all of which has contributed to making this one of the best monetised, and most valuable advertising contracts in the world.”

• “This is a ground-breaking new Partnership that will fundamentally change the way that Out-of-Home is bought and sold, unlock more dynamic opportunities to connect with the London Audience and enhance the customer experience. We will create a world-class digital estate, introduce new formats, a suite of premium displays in key stations, and enhancements to classic sites – all of which will lead to better consumer engagement for brands. We’ve invested significantly to make all of the above a reality from the start of the new concession, and we’re ready to go.”
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