As reported in Macworld, an online source for Apple– and software-related news, Quark, a Platinum Equity portfolio company, is looking to the past to generate interest in the future. Quark has created a special upgrade program making the latest version of QuarkXPress available at a discount to all owners of previous versions of the software.

“We know there are QuarkXPress enthusiasts that are still working with older versions and we’d like to ease their transition to QuarkXPress 9 by offering a special offer on the cost of an upgrade,” said Gavin Drake, Vice President of Marketing for Quark.

Quark not only wants to encourage past users to stay current with the software, but they also urge past customers to enjoy the new functionality and productivity benefits that version 9 offers.

The new features in version 9 provide access to the market of mobile devices—e-readers, smartphones, iPad, and other tablets. Creating work for these devices without coding provides easier access to mobile publication and consequently faster content creation, boosting productivity.

Drake goes on, stating that, “If you’re using an older version of QuarkXPress, the new features added in recent years are going to transform your design experience and capabilities as well as enable you to go beyond print to Web, Flash, and now eBook and iPad design.”

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