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As reported by The Dallas Morning News, Platinum Equity portfolio company, Schutt Sports, maker of American-style football helmets and face guards, has become the first million-dollar corporate sponsor of the Elite Football League of India (EFLI). The company’s president and CEO, Robert Erb, stated, “We’re obviously excited about putting the game’s best helmets and equipment on the EFLI players, but beyond that, we’re in complete agreement with EFLI’s vision for the role of football in the country and throughout the region.”

Schutt Sports has committed to provide 2,000 helmets; 2,300 face guards; 2,000 shoulder pads; and other equipment that will benefit the emerging league. In addition, Schutt has made per-team fiscal commitments for other accessories.

The EFLI is India’s first professional, American-style football league. The eight new teams, representing all major areas of India—a nation with over 1.2 billion citizens—are currently training for the upcoming inaugural season that kicks off in late 2012.

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