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SD Metro Magazine features The San Diego Union-Tribune on its March, 2011 cover, highlighting the venerable newspaper’s new life since being acquired by Platinum Equity. Citing the tough challenges faced by the Union-Tribune and Platinum since the acquisition, SD Metro reports publisher Ed Moss and editor Jeff Light appear to have no doubts about the Union-Tribune being back on the right track.

Quoted in SD Metro, Ed Moss says, “We tell [new recruits] that you can come in here and you can really build your own dynamics and help us build a new model for the newspaper industry. We can do it quickly and we have tremendous support from our ownership to do that.”

Jeff Light provides some insights into changes that have been occurring around the newsroom, including content strategy, investigative reporting, and more effective in-depth reports. Quoted in SD Metro, Light says of his newsroom environment “From a journalism point of view, we’re talking about turning all of us into triathletes…faster, more disciplined, multi-talented.”

Heralding the end of “the good old days” of newspaper publishing, Moss and Light are focused on new advertising models like “The Daily Deal”, strengthening partnerships with different industry groups, and building recognition for Union-Tribune Media, which includes the newspaper, its online portal Sign On San Diego, and a key Spanish-language publication Enlace.

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