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Pelican Products

Industrials • Private Transaction • Acquired in December 2021

A leading global manufacturer of mission-critical protection solutions and temperature-controlled healthcare supply chain solutions.


  • Acquired from a private equity seller in December 2021.
  • Pelican operates in two primary segments: Pelican Products and Peli BioThermal.
  • Pelican Products designs and manufactures high-performance rigid protective cases, advanced portable lighting systems, and outdoor consumer products for highly resilient government, commercial and consumer markets.
  • Peli BioThermal provides a comprehensive portfolio of passive temperature-controlled parcel solutions for high-growth clinical trials and commercial biopharma markets.



  • Pursue growth organically and through prospective add-on acquisitions.
  • Implement new innovative manufacturing technologies.
  • Expand ESG friendly product offering.



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updated 3/22




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