Platinum Equity
Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Business Practices

An operations-intensive focus on swift and seamless transactions, business fundamentals, and long-term growth.

Tom Gores Platinum Equity, Chairman and CEO Tom Gores founded Platinum Equity in 1995 to create value by acquiring and operating businesses using a trademark M&A&O® strategy.Comprehensive Solutions

Since our founding in 1995, we have provided swift solutions to corporations in corporate divestiturespublic-to-private deals, and transactions with private sellers alike. Our experience enables us to navigate complexity and mitigate risk to everyone’s advantage. In doing so we maintain momentum and ensure business continuity.

Benefiting Strategic Sellers

Strategic sellers find mutually beneficial deals with Platinum Equity. Sellers come to us with a variety of objectives, such as increasing shareholder value, improving their balance sheet, ensuring the stability of a divested division, or protecting brand equity. Our resources and experience meet sellers’ strategic objectives with win-win transactions and positive results.

Entry Strategy

We try to create value in any acquisition we make by focusing on stability throughout the transaction. We protect vital business interests like customers, employees, and the supply chain; we work with each acquisition to achieve operational excellence and to support growth, providing key strategic and financial resources as needed. We believe long-term vision is the best way to create true, lasting value.

Historically, we have acquired companies that provide mission-critical services, solutions, and products to a loyal customer base. Often, these are non-core assets of a corporation seeking to re-focus on its core business.

Seamless Transitions

Long before a deal closes, our in-house specialists in operations, finance, IT, tax, legal, HR, and other disciplines craft a 360-degree for business continuity through transition. This work establishes a foundation for the acquired company’s operational stability, and enables the divestiture’s parent company to return quickly to other business.

Operational Excellence

We provide strategic oversight to our portfolio companies; at the same time, each of our portfolio companies operates independently, with company management teams making day-to-day decisions.

Deep Resources

Fully integrated teams combined with robust financial strength give Platinum distinct advantages over other M&A firms.

During our acquisition process and ongoing throughout our portfolio operations, our in-house teams provide operational insights that identify, assess, and resolve issues. We have professionals in HR, operations, legal, IT, finance, tax, insurance, real estate, and marketing that both analyze deals and provide strategic guidance for our portfolio companies.

Even in difficult financial markets, we are a preferred divestiture partner for some of the world’s largest corporations.




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