Platinum Equity
Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Private Transactions

Private sellers often come to Platinum Equity for our operational expertise and our capital resources. What they find, however, is a trustworthy partner in helping their business take advantage of growth opportunities.

Platinum Equity Portfolio Company IOS provides transport services to oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.International Offshore Services (IOS) provides transport services to oil and gas platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. The entrepreneurial owner needed a partner that could provide operational expertise and capabilities to grow and mature the business. Platinum acquired an 80% ownership stake in 2009, while the IOS founder and management team retained 20% and continue to manage the business.

Custom Solutions

Platinum comprises teams of business-minded individuals committed to the success of our portfolio companies. From this standpoint, we can be an ideal fit for private companies seeking expertise and resources in order to expand. 

We work closely with private business owners, conducting an orderly and collaborative transaction process that meets their objectives. We’ve also developed a number of alternative deal structures that private owners may find appealing. 

In the end, our commitment and flexibility make a difference in bringing the deal to close, even within sensitive timelines. And despite today’s difficult debt markets, our capital strength means certainty of financing. 

Collaborative Dealmaking

Close collaboration between buyer and seller is in the best interest of all stakeholders in a deal. It drives the best transaction, helps us develop resourceful solutions that meet the seller’s objectives, and sets the stage for ongoing success. We keep our lines of communication open and our deals flexible in order to deliver win-win results. 

Protecting Vital Interests 

In any acquisition, we protect vital interests such as customers, supply chain, and employee satisfaction. These are critical to long-term stability and why we take great measures with transition planning, managing expectations, and communicating throughout the process.

Regardless of industry, we commit our teams for the duration of the deal to gain a deep understanding of the business. This means we’ll be able to provide operational guidance going forward, protecting the company’s core health and positioning it to thrive.

Perhaps most important is our ability to maintain business continuity throughout a transaction. This not only keeps customers satisfied, it keeps employees working and seeds long-term growth.

Operational Stability

One major advantage with Platinum is that we can bring in infrastructure and resources as needed. Executive leadership, IT infrastructure, operational support, working capital: our in-house resources are there when our portfolio companies need it. “I wanted a partner to provide operational expertise and help my business grow, but I also wanted to retain a stake in what I had built. Platinum delivered.” Steve Williams, CEO, International Offshore Services

A private company selling to Platinum won’t suffer from lack of operational attention. We emphasize fundamental operations in the transition and ongoing business plans of our portfolio companies, maintaining growth and momentum.

Long-Term Success

Companies under Platinum ownership find they have the resources available to grow when opportunities arise. Our operational guidance and deep resources provide a stable platform for long-term success.





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