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Truesense Imaging

Manufacturing · Corporate Divestiture · Acquired in November 2011

Manufactures solid-state electronic image sensor devices that deliver high-performance imaging in commercial, industrial, and professional photography applications.

Kodak's Image Sensor Solutions acquired by Platinum Equity
Image sensor devices from Truesense Imaging are used for everything from precision manufacturing inspection to digital radiography, satellite imaging to traffic monitoring. .

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  • Acquired from Kodak; formerly Kodak Image Sensor Solutions
  • Develops, manufactures, and markets the world's highest-performance solid-state image sensor devices
  • Serves a broad range of customers in the industrial, security, medical, photography, and scientific sectors
  • 263,000 square foot facility houses manufacturing and research functions
  • Applications include precision manufacturing inspection, digital radiography, satellite earth imaging, high-performance studio photography, DNA sequencing, and traffic monitoring
  • Truesense's interline CCD image sensors are well suited for shutterless machine vision, microscopy, and fluoroscopy
  • Truesense's full-frame CCD image sensors are used in imaging applications that can accommodate a mechanical shutter, such as electronic still photography, medical X-ray, and inspection

updated 02/12
“Platinum Equity is an ideal acquirer of Kodak’s Image Sensor Solutions business because they are committed to the success of the business for the benefit of customers and employees.” Pradeep Jotwani, Senior Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company