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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


Public-to-Private Transactions

Public-to-Platinum: Public companies considering going private have an accomplished partner with tremendous resources in Platinum Equity, a partner with the financial strength, transactional acuity, and operational resources to help public companies go private.

Platinum Equity in a public-to-private deal acquired Ryerson, a $6 billion distributor and processor of metals in North America and China.Platinum worked closely with shareholders in a public-to-private deal to acquire Ryerson, a $6 billion distributor and processor of metals in North America and China.A Private Consideration

Platinum Equity understands public companies. Acquiring and transitioning public companies and divisions of public corporations is at the core of our successful fifteen-year track record. We have built a diverse, thriving portfolio by aligning our objectives with those of company executives and by embracing collaborative environments rooted in conservative capital structures.

Our portfolio is a galvanizing environment focused on creating value over the long-term instead of the short-term horizons inherent to public reporting. We are nimble decision makers and our capital fund enables our portfolio companies to rapidly take advantage of growth opportunities, including M&A add-ons.

Platinum Equity is the ideal partner for public company executives looking to grow beyond public limitations.

    Engaged, Empowered, Independent

    Private ownership with Platinum Equity brings a stable environment driven by empowerment, opportunity, and value creation. We are active and knowledgeable in the operations of our portfolio companies, but we primarily empower portfolio company executives to run their business operations independently.

    Strategic Growth

    We have extensive experience in seamless add-on integrations that create strategic growth. Combined with our financial strength, our portfolio companies have new opportunities to execute on strategic acquisition programs. “Joining with Platinum meant quick decision making and mutual goals, made possible by leveraging their resources and relationships” Charles Hoffman, President & CEO, Covad

    Creating Value

    We focus on deriving profit through high-ROI initiatives. Cash management is our top financial priority and our long-term goal is creating value. It’s a lean and efficient culture operating with conservative fiscal assumptions delivering maximum profit.

    Navigating Complexity

    Shareholders, regulatory bodies, labor organizations, and other interested parties can have significant influence on the outcome of public-to-private deals. We work closely with all affected stakeholders, overcome regulatory requirements, and effectively address  issues.

    Whatever may arise, our commitment and flexibility make a difference in closing the deal. By conducting and orderly and collaborative process, we successfully navigate even the thorniest public-to-private transactions within sensitive timelines. And even in difficult debt markets, our capital strength means certainty of financing.

    Collaborative Dealmaking

    Close collaboration between buyer and seller is in the best interest of all stakeholders in a deal. It drives the best transaction, helps us develop resourceful solutions that meet the seller’s objectives, and sets the stage for ongoing success. We keep our lines of communication open and our deals flexible in order to deliver win-win results.

    Protecting Vital Interests

    In any acquisition, we protect vital interests such as customers, supply chain, and employee satisfaction. These are critical to long-term stability and why we take great measures with transition planning, managing expectations, and communicating throughout the process.

    We commit our teams for the duration of the deal to gain a deep understanding of the business. This means we’ll be able to provide operational guidance going forward, protecting the company’s core health and positioning it to thrive under private ownership.

    Perhaps most important is our ability to maintain business continuity throughout a transaction. This not only keeps customers satisfied, it keeps employees working and seeds long-term growth.

    Long-Term Success

    Public companies under private ownership with Platinum have newfound freedom to focus on long-term strategy without restrictive regulatory and reporting requirements. This independence, combined with access to our operational and financial resources, provides a stable platform for long-term success.

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