Platinum Equity
Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Corporate Divestitures

We work with public corporations around the world to meet their specific divestiture objectives. From non-core assets to underperforming units, corporations as diverse as GE, Weyerhaeuser, Fujitsu, and Philips have sought out our expertise in swift and seamless transactions.

3B The Fibreglass Company producing fiberglassPlatinum acquired intellectual property and two manufacturing facilities from Owens Corning and created a standalone company, 3B Fibreglass.Custom Solutions

When Platinum Equity commits to a deal, it means committing our in-house experts and the resources to bring it to close. We work closely with corporate sellers to understand their objectives and tailor an acquisition solution to meet their needs. 

In addition to the immediate divestiture, our transactions often involve long-term considerations. Sometimes, it’s an ongoing relationship with the divested unit’s products or services. Others, it’s a structured partnership interest in the future growth of the company. Whatever the seller’s situation, our commitment and flexibility make a difference in achieving its specific objectives.

Collaborative Dealmaking

Close collaboration between buyer and seller is in the best interest of all stakeholders in a deal. It drives the best transaction, helps us develop resourceful solutions that meet the seller’s objectives, and sets the stage for ongoing success. We keep our lines of communication open and our deals flexible in order to deliver win-win results. 

Protecting Vital Interests

We protect vital interests such as customers, supply chain, and the parent company’s brand. These are critical to long-term stability and why we take great measures with transition planning, alleviating stakeholders’ concerns, managing expectations, and communicating throughout the process.

By committing teams of analysts for the duration of the deal, we gain a deep understanding of the businesses we acquire—regardless of industry. This means we’ll be able to provide operational insights and guidance going forward, and protect their overall operational health.

Perhaps most important is our ability to maintain business continuity throughout a transaction. This not only keeps customers satisfied, it protects the seller’s reputation and seeds long-term growth.

Stable Operations

One major advantage with Platinum is that we can provide infrastructure and resources as needed, which greatly simplifies even the most complex carve-out. Executive leadership, IT infrastructure, operational support, working capital: our in-house resources are there when our acquisitions need it. “We’re working hand in glove [with Platinum], and succeeding. There are distinct positives from private equity. The naysayers don’t know what they are talking about.” Maurice S. Nelson, Jr., CEO, PNA Group

A division divested to Platinum doesn’t suffer from lack of operational attention. We emphasize fundamental operations in the transition and ongoing business plans of our portfolio companies. 

Long-Term Success

Companies under Platinum ownership find they have the resources available to grow when opportunities arise. Our operational guidance and deep resources provide a stable platform for long-term success.

Our acquisition solutions and our M&A&O® strategy are why we’re the transaction partner of choice for some of the world’s largest corporations.




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