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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


The Mergers and Acquisitions Team at Platinum Equity is led by senior executives Johnny Lopez, Jacob Kotzubei, Louis Samson, and Bob Wymbs. Under their leadership, our M&A executives handle all aspects of our transactions.

Platinum’s M&A Team built our reputation for swift and seamless deals by taking a creative, flexible approach to negotiating transactions. In-House Resources
Representing the foundation of our M&A activities, our M&A Team built our reputation for swift and seamless transactions. Led by senior executives Johnny LopezJacob Kotzubei, Louis Samson, and Robert Wymbs, our M&A Team comprises deep in-house resources from all operational disciplines--from tax and legal guidance to HR, real estate, and marketing. They assess opportunities across all industries and take a creative, flexible approach to negotiating transactions.

Deep Diligence
Our M&A&O strategy hinges on the M&A Team’s diligence early in a deal to assess the opportunity’s long-term potential. Unwilling to rely exclusively on financial reports, our M&A teams travel extensively to evaluate opportunities. They meet with management teams, employees, and interested constituencies to identify risks and opportunities that will affect the acquisition going forward. Their work also goes toward forming the long-term operational plan for an acquisition.

Operational Planning
Finance executives on the M&A Team get deep into the numbers on a deal. By parsing vast amounts of data and information about the deal, they develop models that evaluate the opportunity for years into the future. Our M&A Team’s hands-on involvement in deals builds the relationships and knowledge that help us successfully close transactions and swiftly implement effective operational plans—regardless of the deal’s size or complexity.

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