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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


The Operations Team at Platinum Equity, led by senior executives Philip Norment and Bryan Kelln, ensures that our portfolio companies have clear access to our deep operational resources.

The Platinum Equity Operations TeamPlatinum Equity has a deep bench of in-house experts on its Operations Team dedicated to supporting the firm’s portfolio companies.Platinum’s in-house Operations Team is led at a strategic level by Philip Norment and day-to-day by Bryan Kelln. The Team is primarily responsible for ensuring that Platinum’s portfolio companies leverage the deep operational resources that Platinum has to offer while empowering each company’s executive team to drive the company’s growth and value creation.

Available Resources
The Team builds strong relationships with portfolio companies in order to understand their needs and facilitate applying Platinum’s resources as needed. Companies can turn to the Operations Team for top-line assistance from Platinum’s M&A engine or capital resources, or for bottom-line details such as supplier negotiations and group purchasing. 

Smart Operations
The Operations Team functions on an assignment-based structure, with each member of the Team responsible for working with specific portfolio companies. In addition to providing resources, the team imbues our portfolio companies with Platinum’s culture of smart operations and conservative cash management. 

Interim Leadership
In situations such as a carve-out acquisition that has no executive management, members of the Operations Team can take interim leadership positions while the company establishes its standalone operations. During post-acquisition transition, these interim roles performed by Platinum’s Operations Team buy time for the company to identify and recruit the best fit for its important C-level leaders.

Operations has always been a core strength of Platinum Equity, and providing operational resources as needed to our portfolio companies has always been instrumental to our success.




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