Platinum Equity
Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


A dedicated team in Singapore focused on investment opportunities in Asia.


Dating back to 1997, some of Platinum Equity’s earliest acquisitions had operations in the Asia Pacific region. With the firm’s early roots in technology, acquisitions like Pilot Software (1997) and Timeplex (1999) gave Platinum Equity valuable exposure to the region.

As the firm grew beyond technology into a broad range of other industries, Platinum Equity’s interests and experience in Asia expanded. Investments like DyStar (2004) and Acument (2006) featured substantial Asian operations that required significant support in areas such as manufacturing, transportation, materials, and supply chain and logistics.

Today, Platinum Equity’s portfolio of companies employs more than 30,000 people across Asia. These companies include manufacturing facilities, sales and marketing divisions, development facilities and distribution and logistics hubs in the region.


Platinum Equity’s Asian investment team is based in Singapore, is fully integrated into the firm’s global operations team and employs Platinum Equity’s signature M&A&O® strategy. The team in Singapore benefits from Platinum Equity’s resources and access to capital, including the firm’s core $10 billion buyout fund Platinum Equity Capital Partners V.


With a unique operations-focused global investment strategy, years of experience as operators in Asia Pacific, and a dedicated local investment team, Platinum Equity is well equipped to provide sellers in the region with specialized divestiture solutions.




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