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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Feature Story

Building a Business Without Limits

Since its founding, by Tom Gores, Platinum Equity has made a practice of creating value in markets, industries, and deals that others avoid. Far from typical private equity, we charted a course based on peeling back undiscovered opportunity in complex operations.

Platinum Equity Corporate Headquarters Interior.For fifteen years, Platinum Equity has redefined the industry with M&A&O: traditional M&A combined with operational expertise.Pioneering Vision

Standing out against usual M&A stereotypes, Platinum Equity is defined first and foremost as a creator of value by building healthy companies and unlocking their potential. From our early acquisitions to our biggest deals, we specialize in acquiring operationally complex businesses, finding undiscovered opportunity, and creating value.


Our M&A&O strategy combines M&A expertise with operational insight—a combination key to creating value that differentiates our process from that of typical buyout firms. We earned our reputation in M&A by intimately understanding the businesses of our portfolio companies and taking an active role in their operation. To this day we remain focused on fundamental operations and back-to-basics business strategies that emphasize growth and stability.

Global Portfolio

We built our portfolio by strategically acquiring and operating mission-critical businesses around the world in myriad industries. Mission-critical businesses provide the products, services, and solutions that customers rely on. It also means that stability and customer service are key to our portfolio, which is all the more reason for our operational emphasis.

Strategic Sellers

With recent shifts in capital markets and enterprise values, plus increasing pressure to enhance profits, many Fortune 500 companies are turning to us for strategic divestiture solutions. Additionally, we offer strategic solutions to business owners in private transactions and successfully navigate intricate public-to-private deals with alacrity.

Platinum, Present, and Future

Since its founding by Tom Gores, Platinum has never set boundaries, and we have never let ourselves be limited by others’ perceptions. Strategic, committed, disciplined, and—skilled, Platinum has built a business without limits.




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