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An experienced team of European Private Equity professionals.

With professionals in London dedicated to M&A, Business Development and Investor Relations, Platinum Equity has a strong presence in Europe and a proven ability to provide European divestiture solutions.Experience

Platinum Equity’s experience doing business in Europe dates back to 1997 with one of the firm’s first acquisitions, Pilot Software, a U.S.-based software developer that had operations in Europe. In 2002, Platinum Equity furthered its presence in the region with the acquisition of its first business based in Europe, a division of the Paris-based telecommunications provider Alcatel, which was later rebranded NextiraOne. Over a decade and many deals later, Platinum Equity is well established in Europe as a trusted transaction partner and proven business operator.

Platinum Equity has transacted with several companies based in Europe, including Hays plc., Philips, and TUI AG, and has acquired European divisions from non-European sellers including CBS Corporation, Nampak, Oshkosh, and Owens Corning. Platinum Equity’s current portfolio includes companies from a diverse range of industries that employ thousands of people across Europe.


Platinum Equity’s Europe team is based in London and comprises a range of professionals dedicated to the firm’s unique M&A&O process. The London office houses specialists focused on M&A deal execution, deal sourcing (business development), and investor relations.


With robust in-market resources and more than a decade transacting in Europe, Platinum Equity is a strong and reliable transaction partner that can provide Eurocentric solutions to sellers of European businesses.

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