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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

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Facilitating Growth at SCM Metal Products

Senior executives at SCM discuss key initiatives at the company since joining the Platinum Equity portfolio, including the acquisition of ECKA Granules in Germany. Video Feature Story »

Renewal at Ryerson

Senior executives from Ryerson and Platinum Equity discuss the key initiatives executed at the steel services giant after it joined the Platinum Equity portfolio. Video Feature Story »

Accelerating Change at Pomeroy

Senior executives from Pomeroy and Platinum Equity discuss changes made at the company since it joined the portfolio, including the add-on of OAO Technologies. Video Feature Story »

Navigating the Economic Crisis with Acument Global Technologies

The global economic crisis acutely affected Acument's automotive customers. A series of swift, intelligent moves ensured the company survived the crisis ready to continue serving its customers. Video Feature Story »

Growing Turf Care Supply

Since Platinum Equity carved the assets now known as Turf Care Supply out of its former parent, LESCO, key initiatives have included growing the company's customer base while still closely serving LESCO's ongoing needs. Video Feature Story »

Building Infrastructure with Maxim

Maxim Crane Works has equipment and infrastructure across the United States. This video short illustrates a major housing project Maxim worked on in 2011 at UCLA. Video Short »

Printing a Daily Newspaper at The San Diego Union-Tribune

Inside the Platinum portfolio: A look at the process that goes into printing a major American daily, The San Diego Union-Tribune, which serves more than 1,000,000 readers weekly. (divested 2011) Video Short »

Formulating Pro-Grade Fertilizers at Turf Care Supply

Inside the Platinum portfolio: Turf Care Supply provides granular fertilizers and grass seed to the professional landscape industry. A short video look at the company's key Martins Ferry, Ohio facility. Video Short »

Manufacturing Steel Products at Ryerson

Inside the Platinum portfolio: a video short illustrating the steel products manufacturing processes at a Ryerson facility outside of Los Angeles, California. Video Short »

Optimizing IT Infrastructure with Pomeroy

Inside the Platinum portfolio: With 20 locations across the U.S., Pomeroy serves the IT needs of thousands of customers with hardware and software solutions as well as IT services. Video Short »

Manufacturing Copper Powders at SCM Metal Products

Inside the Platinum portfolio: A look into the process of making metal powders and pastes at the SCM Metal Products facility outside Raleigh, North Carolina. Video Short »

Manufacturing Automotive Fasteners at Acument Global Technologies

Inside the Platinum portfolio: A look at the process of manufacturing automotive fasteners made by Acument Global Technologies at its Michigan facilities. Video Short »




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