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Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.

Mergers. Acquisitions. Operations.


Platinum Equity Principal Mike Scott

Mike Scott


Mike Scott’s primary role at Platinum Equity is transitioning new acquisitions into the Platinum portfolio. His engagement with a new acquisition begins when a deal is signed by the M&A Team and includes working with the acquisition’s management and employees to execute high-level strategy and operational best practices.

Mr. Scott’s leadership ensures the seamless transition of new acquisitions into the Platinum portfolio and keeps their business operations uninterrupted for customers, employees, and suppliers alike. Top priorities include human resources elements such as employee communications, payroll, and benefits plans; IT components such as hardware, applications, and telecommunications; finance components such as treasury processes, bank accounts, and cash management; contracts and licenses; real estate and facilities management; and every other detail that keeps the business operating smoothly.

Mr. Scott holds a master's degree in computer science and worked with IBM through the '80s on developing custom warehouse management solutions. He later worked as chief operating officer of WCSS, a supply chain management technology company that Platinum Equity acquired in 1998. When Platinum divested WCSS to Uniteq, Mr. Scott went to work with the newly merged company as Chief Operating Officer. In 2001, he re-joined Platinum Equity, where his leadership and experience in business operations became key components of Platinum's successful, collaborative transition.